About Us

Sainte-Famille Wines Ltd. is located in Falmouth, Nova Scotia – the gateway to the Annapolis Valley. The area that our vineyard is located in was first settled by the Acadians around 1685 and was known as La Paroisse Sainte Famille De Pisiquid, which translates to ‘The parish of the blessed family on the Pisiquid’. The remains of the church are still on the property today, albeit slightly underwater. Many artifacts have been found over the years (with many more waiting to be found), and some of the original French pear and apple varieties continue to grow here. Wishing to preserve this rich history, we decided to name the vineyard and winery Sainte-Famille

Doug and Suzanne Corkum, owners of Sainte-Famille Wines, purchased the farm over 35 years ago, and established the vineyard in 1980 with one acre of vines. Over the years the vineyard has increased to 25 acres. We opened our doors in June, 1990 and are now 27 years old. Our vineyard is situated on a gently sloping hill overlooking the Avon River Valley. It is one of the warmest vineyard sites in Nova Scotia.

Ninety- five percent of our wines are produced solely from our grapes, with the remaining 5% coming from local growers here in Nova Scotia. We grow eight varieties of white grapes and four varieties of red, and we guarantee that all our wines are 100% Nova Scotian.